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You received a standard “invoice” containing an “invoice address” field that was not completed? Fill in the address yourself by hand.

👉 Fill the box yourself manually.

You received a simple purchase “receipt” or “ticket” without a printed reference to ZappTax?

👉 You cannot add the ZappTax invoice information manually.

Do the following:

  • Ask the merchant to stamp your receipt with the store stamp.

  • Download the invoice as such on the app and you will be guided through these below steps directly in the app after we have checked your documents.

    1. Go to your current trip.

    2. Click on the corresponding transaction.

    3. Click on "Annotate".

    4. Sign and then send the annotated document.

    OR annotate this invoice manually (either electronically on your phone or computer, or after printing it) with:

    • The words « Impossible/refusal to issue ZappTax invoices ».

    • The words « Purchased on behalf of ZappTax ».

    • Your first and last name.

    • The day’s date.

    • Your signature.

    • Upload the annotated document.

  • Also upload a proof of payment: a separate payment receipt or a screenshot of your bank account or credit card statement. If this statement is only available a few days or weeks after the purchase, you can send it to us later (this does not prevent the edition and validation of your tax-free forms).

  • In most cases, we will be able to process your refund.

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