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How to use ZappTax, step-by-step
How to use ZappTax, step-by-step

A step-by-step guide on how to obtain a tax refund using ZappTax.

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Step 1 - Add invoices

  • Request invoices billed to the name and address of ZappTax when you buy.

  • Complete your profile on the app (address of residence, passport upload, proof of residency if you hold an EU passport, refund method…).

  • Create your trip on the app, take pictures of your invoices and upload them on the app.

    • These pictures must:

      • Be of good quality (text must be clear and readable)

      • Show the 4 edges clearly visible

      • Show no angle (document must appear “flat” and not sloping)

Note: do not request a tax-free form in store. Do not even mention you are requesting a ZappTax invoice for tax refund purposes -> it may confuse store staff who may automatically issue an in-store tax-free form.

Step 2 - Get your form scanned or stamped

  • Before your departure (or sooner if you request it), we generate your tax refund documents (your “tax-free forms”) and make them available for you on the app (we will also send them to you by email).

  • No need to print your forms. Before checking in your luggage at the airport or when you are about to cross the border, scan your forms directly from your smartphone at a self-serving electronic kiosk or present them to a customs officer who will either validate them electronically with a gun or type the digits of the barcode on his computer.

Note: if you leave the European Union (EU) from a country which is different from the country where you purchased the goods (example: purchase in France but flight departing from Amsterdam with final check-in of your luggage in Amsterdam), print your forms and get them stamped by a customs officer at your last point of exit of the EU.

Step 3 - Receive your refund

  • Electronic validation -> you have nothing else to do -> we will process your refund with you preferred payment method.

  • Form validated by stamp -> we will process your refund after a picture of your stamped form has been uploaded on the app.

Note: for french forms validated by stamp for a value > 1.000 € -> we wish to retrieve the original paper version (besides a picture). To be sent back by postal mail at one of our above-mentioned addresses. We will refund you the postage cost.

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