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There are 3 main scenarios:

Most common scenario -> address book in your user account

  • In your user account on the merchant’s website, pre-register an additional address in the name of ZappTax (corresponding to the country where your purchases will be delivered).

  • When finalizing your order, choose this ZappTax address as “billing address” (be sure to choose another address as “shipping address” to avoid having your packages delivered to us).

  • The invoice will be made available to you in your user account when the goods are shipped to you.

Alternative -> no address book but two separate “address blocks” in the online order form

  • The merchant’s website does not allow you to pre-register addresses but provides for two “address blocks” (“delivery” and “billing”) in the online order form.

  • Enter the ZappTax address in the “billing address” block.

Less usual -> no address book and one single “address block” in the online order form

  • The merchant’s website only provides for a single “address block” in the online order form.

  • Enter your delivery address, but try to include at least the reference to “ZappTax” in one of the fields.


We cannot process simple « order confirmations ».

If you wish for product warranty or insurance purposes, your first and last name may also appear on the invoice, next to the name and address of ZappTax.

Example :

Jean Dupond
23, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau
75001 PARIS

If the address block has a “last name” field and a “first name” field, you can enter the ZappTax name in one of the fields and, if you wish, your own name in the other field.

Important: if you order from a website in another country (EU or non-EU) than the country of delivery, the online merchant must:

  • Either be VAT-registered in the country of delivery (= hold a VAT number in that country).

  • Or be registered at the EU « VAT one-stop-shop » (also called « OSS »).

This is the case for most online merchants.

Example 1 :
delivery in France of a purchase made on a French website -> no problem.
Example 2 : delivery in France of a purchase made on a Spanish or UK website -> the Spanish or English online merchant must either hold a VAT number registered in France (i.e., a VAT number starting with “FR”) or be registered at the VAT one-stop-shop (« OSS »).

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