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When do I need to add a proof of payment?
When do I need to add a proof of payment?
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  • For any purchase, in-store or online, valued at > €1,000 (even if you received a ZappTax invoice).

  • For any in-store purchase, regardless of its value (even < €1,000), for which you did not get an invoice in the name of ZappTax, but for which you got:

A simple purchase receipt, even with ZappTax printed on it.

An invoice in your own name.

  • Proof of payment can be :

A separate payment receipt.

A screen shot of a bank account or credit card statement.


your bank account or credit card statement may not be available until a few days or weeks after purchase.

Don’t worry, we will edit your tax-free forms for these purchases, and they can be validated by customs. We will refund you once you have submitted the proof of payment (even after your return).

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