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Does a ZappTax invoice impact my product warranty?
Does a ZappTax invoice impact my product warranty?
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The ZappTax model is based on “double sales” or chain transaction. The traveller buys “in the name of” ZappTax which then resells the items to that same traveller. This allows ZappTax to carry out all the tax refund formalities. At the end of the process, the traveller will hold a full “documentary chain” that links the item back to the original in-store purchase (1. invoice in the name of ZappTax, 2. proof of payment, 3. ZappTax resale invoice to the traveller and 4. tax-free form). A product “guarantee” is always linked to a product, not to the identity of the buyer.

In addition, if you wish, your first and last name may also appear on the invoice, next to the name and address of ZappTax.

Example :

Jean Dupond
23, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau
75001 PARIS
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