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For which goods do I need to provide a serial number?
For which goods do I need to provide a serial number?
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To allow customs officers to correctly identify the goods and ensure their authenticity.

For which goods?

  • Electronics > 500 € :

    • Computers, tablets.

    • TV, camera, printer, PlayStation, smartphone.

    • Accessories: headphones, USB stick...

  • Watches > 500 €.

  • Jewelry > 1.000 €.

  • Leather goods > 1.000 €.

Where can I find this number?

  • On the invoice (in this case, you do not need to send it to us).

  • On the item itself or in the device settings (for electronics).

  • On the documents that accompany the article.

How do I communicate this number?

Several options:

  • When downloading the invoice on the app, we will request you add the serial number.

  • If this has not been done yet, and after we have checked your invoice, we will

    guide you through the below steps directly in the app:

    1. Go to your current trip.

    2. Click on the corresponding transaction.

    3. Click on "Next".

    4. Input the serial number of the product.

⚠️ Impact

  • Failing to provide us the serial number does not prevent us from issuing and sending you your tax-free forms.

  • But the lack of a serial number on your tax-free form creates a risk that customs will not validate your form.

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