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Can I use the purchased goods before I leave?
Can I use the purchased goods before I leave?
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Preferably not! ⚠️

  • It is preferable that the goods remain unused and kept in their original packaging.

  • Consumables” (food, beverages, cosmetics, etc.) cannot be consumed in whole or in part.

  • If you unpacked your purchases before your departure, try to repackage them in such a way that they appear not to have been used or consumed.

  • If possible, keep certain goods-related documents or elements (instruction manual, warranty card, brand or price label, protective wrapping, etc.) until the time of departure.

  • What is important is that the customs officer can reasonably conclude, based on the evidence presented, that the goods have been purchased within the last three months and have not been used.


in case of control, the absence of a single item listed on the tax-free form or the failure to convince the customs agent that the items have remained unused can lead to the cancellation of the entire form.

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