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How to upload your invoices?
How to upload your invoices?

You've made some purchase? Here's how to send us your ZappTax invoices.

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Step 1

Select your current trip from the homepage

Step 2

Either press on the "+" button at the top right corner or on "Add invoice" button below

Step 3

Choose the country of your purchase and indicate its VAT included total amount

Step 4

Press on the "Add Document", then select one of the three options: "Take Photo", "Choose Photo" or "Choose File (PDF)" to add a copy of your invoice

Step 5

Adjust to make the four corners of the invoice clearly visible

Step 6

Press on "Next" (proceed to step 7)

or "Submit Invoice" (skip to the end of this tutorial)

Step 7 (optional)

Complete each action(s) required by selecting each from the list. In this example, you are required to provide the serial number of your electronic purchase.

Depending on the amount of purchase, you can be required to also provide a supporting document such as a payment proof.

Note: You can skip this step if not relevant to your invoice or to do it later.

Step 8 (optional)

Press on "Submit Invoice"

🎉 Congrats! You have just uploaded your first ZappTax invoice. Our team will process it in timely manner.

⚠️ Important notes:

  • If you have multiple invoices to upload, submit one invoice at a time.

  • You upload up to 7 photos per invoice. If you have more, you can send them as another invoice and our team will merge both.

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