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How to request a tax-free form?
How to request a tax-free form?

Done with your shopping? Here's how to automatically generate your tax-free form!

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Step 1

Select your current trip from the homepage

Step 2

Once your shopping is done, you can generate your tax-free forms automatically by pressing on the "Request" button (ideally no later than 2 hours before your departure)

Step 3

After checking the details of your refund, confirm by pressing on "Request"

🎉 Your tax-free forms will be available promptly in the app! You will also receive PDF copies by email.

⚠️ Important notes:

  • If a document is still pending, you will not be able to request your tax-free form yet. Our team will process your documents in timely manner. You can always request your form through the in-app chat.

  • You no longer must print your tax-free forms! You can have them validated directly from your smartphone (⚠️ unless you leave the European Union from a country other than the country where you made your purchases, you will then still be required to print them).

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