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Even before your arrival in the EU (get your purchase delivered to some family or friends).

Request invoices at the name of ZappTax.

Important if you order from a website in another country (EU or non-EU) than the country of delivery, the online merchant must:

  • Either be VAT-registered in the country of delivery (= hold a VAT number in that country).

  • Or be registered at the EU « VAT one-stop-shop » (also called « OSS »).

This is the case for most online merchants.

Example 1 : Delivery in France of a purchase made on a French website.

✅ No problem.

Example 2 : Delivery in France of a purchase made on a Spanish or UK website.

The Spanish or English online merchant must either hold a VAT number registered in France (i.e., a VAT number starting with “FR”) or be registered at the VAT one-stop-shop (« OSS »).

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