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When to upload an invoice on the app?
When to upload an invoice on the app?
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  • As soon as possible, as you make your purchases.

  • Preferably on the day of purchase (especially during periods of high activity, such as Christmas and summer holidays).

  • Ideally, no later than 2 hours before your departure (rest assured, in most cases, we will be able to generate your documents even if you have fewer than 2 hours left).

  • We prioritize requests based on departure dates and can respond very quickly.

  • If you have little time left (last-minute shopping in the morning, flight at the end of the day), let us know via chat so we can prioritize your case!

Note :
you no longer must print your tax-free forms -> you can have them validated directly from your smartphone (unless you leave the EU from a country other than the country where you made your purchases).

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