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When will I receive my tax-free forms?
When will I receive my tax-free forms?
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Most of the time, we will send you your documents shortly after your request (within minutes or a few hours).

During periods of high activity (end of year, summer holidays), we may send you your documents only the day before your departure or in the early morning of your departure, even if you have made your request several days in advance.

If you have specific constraints regarding the time you wish to receive your documents, contact us via chat.

In case of urgency (last minute shopping, oversight…), we can have very short response times. Contact us via chat. In most cases, we will be able to generate your documents even if you are about to arrive at the customs desk.

Note :

you must no longer print your tax-free forms -> you can have them validated directly from your smartphone (unless you leave the EU from a country other than the country where you made your purchases).

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