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Requesting ZappTax invoices
How to request a ZappTax invoice in store? Standard procedure
How to request a ZappTax invoice in store? Standard procedure
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  • Ask for an invoice addressed to the name of ZappTax in store right before paying for your goods.

  • Most stores can edit invoices instantly (this function is integrated into their cash register software).

  • Tell the store staff that you would like to get « an invoice with VAT at the name of a company » and then provide them with the required ZappTax invoice information for the country where your make your purchase (see ZappTax invoice address in France, Belgium and Spain).

  • Stores have a legal obligation to issue invoices upon request.

  • You do not have to provide any justification when you request an invoice.

Do not request a tax-free form in store. Do not even mention you are requesting a ZappTax invoice for tax refund purposes -> it may confuse store staff who may automatically issue an in-store tax-free form.

What is the best time to request an invoice?

  • Indicate at the outset of your interaction with store staff that you wish to get an invoice with VAT at the name of a company (not “during” or “after” payment).

  • It is best to speak to the merchant at a time that precedes the purchase when it is he who, in principle, wants to please you (example: "You are able to edit me an invoice with VAT in the name of a company, right").

If you wish for warranty or insurance purposes, your first and last name may also appear on the invoice, next to the name and address of ZappTax.

Example :

Jean Dupond


23, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau

75001 PARIS

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